Many people want more out of life. I am no exception.
I desire a great life. A wonderful marriage. A successful business. The ability to give without any restrictions. To make a difference in this world. And while these things are great to try and attain, I made the mistake of trying to gain them in my own strength.
Yep. Tried cleaning up my act. Did the check list. Followed the action steps of many teachings. Chased technique after technique. But it was to no avail. Why? Because I was doing all the “stuff” in my own flesh. In my own strength.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe in personal development. It is key. We need to be investing in ourselves. Reading, studying, attending classes, seminars, conventions and the like are all good. But there has to be more than just learning and “doing the stuff”.
There has to be a heart change.

It's not about just cleaning up your act on the outside, there must be true inner change that takes

You can follow the best strategies, techniques, and keep a perfectly checked list and achieve some success.
But to arrive at your vision, that dream in your heart, to achieve the goals you strongly desire to achieve, there must be a heart change. The reason behind that dream, “why” you want to see it become a reality must be stronger than the fear that will kick in while you are in the journey making that dream become a reality. Fear will always kick in. It tries to steal your dreams. It seeks to destroy your hope, discourage you, and leave you feeling like a failure. Fear is the enemy that will try to dismantle your vision, cause you to doubt, and will work hard to get you to quit.
That’s why your reason behind your dream has to be so firmly rooted in your heart. When your “why” is deep in your heart, nothing will stop you from reaching your goals, your desires, your dreams. You will keep your eye on the prize, you won’t detour from the journey, you will cross the finish line.
In order for you to achieve the desires that God has placed in your heart, you must have your heart set on the prize. Realize you can’t do it in your own strength, let Him change your heart and give you what you need to accomplish it.

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