Lisa provides strategies, skills, and inspiration that will empower you to implement! (She even throws in a little Southern Charm and entertainment!)


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Business Series…

Design a life you love. Are you desiring a lifestyle that keeps first things first? God.Family.Business.etc. Lisa shares how to design your life with your priorities intact. You can achieve a successful lifestyle and business, you just need the right tools.

Be Purposeful and Present. It’s not about begin perfect, it’s about doing life and business purposefully. Being present in each moment in order to maximize the time you’ve been given. Stop being “busy” and be purposeful so you can reach your destiny and fulfill your dreams.

Small steps lead to great accomplishments. Learn the strategies and skills that will take you into productivity and efficiency which lead to accomplishing your daily goals. These are crucial to make your dreams become reality.

“Dream & Do” Workshop. An intensive day-long workshop which begins with bringing your dreams for your life/business to the table, mapping out your journey, creating your Gameplan, and then stepping into implementation. (This workshop is designed per subject matter. i.e. - Social Network Marketing, Facebook Live Mastery, Mastering Video for Effective Marketing, Network Marketing Business, Young Living, etc)

God’s Way in Modern Times. Is God your CEO? Each of us have been given gifts and talents in which to use in business for God’s glory. He has given them to you to “be fruitful and multiply”. Are you doing just that? Or are you

struggling with obstacles, perfectionism, doubt, and fear? Do you focus more on your weaknesses that your strengths? Lisa brings the Truth of God’s Word into your business life that will transform the way you do business. You business will soar to new heights when you implement the strategies and Truths into your everyday schedule.

New Series are being developed so stay tuned!

Health and Wellness Series.....

God’s Way in Modern Times. Health and Wellness from an Ancient perspective – Do you lack vitality, energy, stamina to get through your day? Has you “get up and go” “got up and went”? Do you wonder if your current health situation is your “lot in life”? Let Lisa bring an Ancient perspective into Modern Day teaching that will revolutionize your health and wellness. Get back to basics and begin to walk in true wellness from a biblical perspective.

Live Empowered. Learn the truth about “dis.ease”, stress, toxins, chemicals, what our bodies deal with on a daily basis, and how to defeat these and live empowered, passionate, vibrant, well lifestyles.

Stop the Madness and get off the Hormonal Rollercoaster. A fun and informative class where we delve into the deep, dark secrets of hormones. Does it really have to be this way? NO! Let's get the real scoop on how to go through life with balanced hormones, tame the dragon within, and begin to love life again. (Can be just for women or couples)

Detox. It’s not just for the body. It’s also for your home and life. Learn about the chemicals that lurk inside your home, food, products you use on a daily basis and how they affect your body. It’s time to live chemical free so you can thrive!

Balanced in an unbalanced world. Your life. Your Health. Be Empowered. Learn the secrets to a balanced lifestyle in an ever changing, chaotic world. How to combat the stressors of today and live in peace and ease.

Ancient Oils of Scripture. There are more than 1000 references to essential oils in Scripture and science/research has come into agreement with the facts of the affects of essential oils on our body. How can they help us? Are they truly for use in our wellness routine today? Come find out.

New Series are being developed so stay tuned!

Biblical Series…..

Through her speaking and teaching, Lisa’s desire and purpose is to help people embrace their identity in Christ, walk the path of discipleship with integrity, encourage growth and spiritual healing, and empower them to recognize and embrace the unique purpose for which they were created. Her deep love and passion for Scripture is contagious as she gently and humbly shares her insights, all the while encouraging others to discover for themselves the treasures found in God’s Word. The Topics below are merely a sampling of her most popular topics. Do you have a specific theme in mind? Lisa will prayerfully develop a talk based on your theme.

Unshackled from Shame to be bound in Grace (Signature Teaching)– Lisa’s powerful testimony of how God redeemed her life from the deepest, darkest pit of emptiness, destruction and sorrow and brought her into an abundant, Spirit-filled, surrendered life through Jesus Christ. Once a young woman who lived in self-centeredness, self-gratification and overindulgence, all poor choices which led down a destructive road ending in sorrow when the courts stepped in and took her children. . .


“The courthouse felt cold with cinder block walls around me. I too stood there with chains on. You could not see them, but they were there and they were heavy. My sinful life brought me to a place of judgment. Although I tried to defend my actions, I had no excuse and no defense. I took for granted the two most precious gifts God had given me. Holy God turned His face from me. As the gavel slammed down, Heaven spoke loud and clear. I opened my hands and imagined for a moment the small fingers of two innocent little girls trying to hold on as they are being pulled from me. I lost them that day. How can a mother lose her children?
I sunk in deeper. It was dark, lonely and hopeless. My broken heart throbbed through my chest. The guilt was crushing. Instead of reaching out for God’s help, I put my prideful anchor in deep and stayed in my pit. I let it fill up with stagnate water and the wicked choices of rebellion. I was drowning and I didn’t care. How could I know then God would use such a tragedy for His glory? This is why He chooses those of us who have experienced life from the pit. Oh how I can relate to those who have traveled this road. My life was dark and hopeless. I was miserable and numb. There are no degrees of being lost. Lost is lost.
Have you ever felt like you bought a ticket on a runaway train? It was moving fast and going nowhere and I didn’t know how to get off. My consequences here? Ironically, the man I left my first husband for had an affair. The bottom engulfed me, alone in the dark with no ladder, no rope, no light and no hope.
Until . . . I met Him—Jesus, the One and Only.”


Journey with Lisa as she shares how God stepped in, saved and restored her life making her into the woman of God she is today.

God’s Solid Foundation – Foundations are being shaken today. Those not built properly are crumbling like a house of cards. But those who have a solid foundation, they will weather the storms. They are anchored. Have you built upon the Solid Rock? Is your foundation sure? Join us for a “foundation check” as we look at… God’s Solid Foundation.

Call To Repentance – There is a call ringing out. A cry in the desert wilderness of this depraved world. This cry has been heard through many generations to those who would listen. Many have responded and their lives have been forever changed. Do you hear it? It’s calling you…..He’s calling you. Will you hear what the Spirit is saying in these last days?

Truth Encounter – We are living in a day and time where there is an epidemic…..an epidemic of ruinous proportion. What is this rampant, destructive contagion? DECEPTION. We are surrounded by it. This poison has even infiltrated the pulpit today. How do we prevent this wickedness from leading us down a destructive path? How do we contend for the faith, the hope that lies within? A TRUTH ENCOUNTER! But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. John 16:13.

Get A Grip – Many are experiencing storms today. Whether it is a hurricane, tornado, death of a loved one, a spouse caught in the act of adultery, losing a job or living with an illness, these storms come out of nowhere and can be devastating. How can we face them, get through them without being overtaken by them? Jesus told us how to not only face the storms, but how to overcome them. If we “Get a Grip” on the hard core truth, or let the “Hard Core Truth” grip us, we will face them and overcome them in a way that Jesus would. . . in ultimate peace.

Unshackled – There is an epidemic in America. Many are dying and have no hope. Shackled by sin, the corruption of man’s heart runs deep. Where do we turn? Who can save us from the destruction that lies ahead? Who can “Unshackle” us from the deception, the sin, the evil? Only One…His name is Jesus! This compelling message will stretch you, challenge you and bring you to the reality of Jesus Christ. He waits to “Unshackle” you so you can be free to live.

Journey to the Anointing – From the Cross at Gilgal, where we receive our salvation, to Bethel, Where we step into the presence of God and His Truth, then on to overcoming the obstacles at Jericho, and finally, to the cleansing waters of Jordan… Will you lay it all down to receive your double portion? Then join us as we turn and step across the Jordan and embark on… The Journey To The Anointing.