Who Am I

My story

A Southern Girl with a strong desire to inspire, educate, and empower people to live well, live passionately, and reach their God-given potential in life. I believe you are meant to be successful, to live a life that is full of passion, one that you love, and then, turn around and help others do the same.

How did I get here?

Through lots of ups and downs, perseverance, and a strong faith in my God. He put the “possible” in my “impossible” and I experienced first-hand the awesome power of God to save and transform a life. Through the years and refining fire, I’ve been brought from a woman of shame to a woman of God whose identity is rock-solid in Christ Jesus. I’m no longer bound in chains, but bound by grace. I chose to answer the Divine Call to help those who are still shackled in sickness, shame, hopelessness, and poverty.

My passion is contagious.

Just ask those who hang with me or who I’ve had the honor to work with. I love to see people’s lives transformed. And I believe that speaking Truth, being transparent, and adding a little Southern Charm, empowers people to reach their full potential, to be successful, free, and living in abundance. It’s an awesome thing to show people the “Possible” in their “Impossible”, which leads many to restoration and transformation in life, relationships, and business. You are gifted, you have talents that have not even been awakened yet. Your personality, your sense of humor, the real YOU is waiting to come alive. And I’m here to serve. Let’s get to work and fuel the passion within, let’s take hold of the limitless possibilities that await, and become an unstoppable force for good.

God made YOU unique, you are truly one of a kind, and there is an incredible, tailored life just waiting for you. Won’t you dive in and let me help you take hold of a life that you will truly love? Envision it, for this is where dreams become reality.

Thanks so much for being here and taking the time to visit. I’m so excited about your journey and I can’t wait to get to know you.

Serving you with honor,